A global customer of Cushman & Wakefield, Avaya is now supported by our expertise in Management of Facilities for its offices in South America. Three sites are located in Brazil — Brasília, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro—, Chile, Peru and Argentina have one unit each, and Colombia, two units.
“Our first challenges are to align internal procedures of the company with practices and needs of the customer; detail all scopes; accurately prepare the contract and then, supply the business structure of the project globally”, says the vice-president of CIS Operations in C&W South America, José Belfort Mattos.
These duties are up to the global head of the account, Hoffman Murcia, who developed a financial cell to exclusively serve demands of Avaya within C&W Americas. “The stage of selection and hiring of members for the C&W-Avaya team in South America is almost complete. One of the major requirements was fluency in English to ensure better understanding among the whole group”, explains Belfort.
According to the executive, managing an integrated account with multiple services pushes the regional board to transmit each member the idea they constitute a single team, despite the wide geographic range and different purposes while working globally. “Our objective is to integrate and involve everyone in this mission. Some of them will participate daily and directly, such as those working in the Facilities sector, while others will be required as specific demands arise for project management.”
South America also represent a natural challenge: the different operational extent of each country. All operations will be closely monitored by our office in São Paulo. “Since Brazil represents the major part of the area in terms of resources, our team is required to provide support to ensure Cushman & Wakefield standards in every operation of Avaya in South America”, concludes the vice-president.