Dispute Analysis & Litigation Support

Cushman & Wakefield’s Dispute Analysis & Litigation Support team provides a range of services focused on real estate-related complex commercial litigation involving property economics issues, dispute analysis, damages theory, and trial support services. The foundation of the practice is the combination of scientific principles and highly skilled individuals, and the art of fusing them within the legal environment.

Our team possesses core competencies in property valuation, economics, finance, statistics, damages theory, expert witness testimony, and survey research techniques. Coupled with quantitative and technical skills and wide ranging experience, this practice provides the benefit of a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving characterized by collaboration, specialized expertise, and recognized thought leadership.

Our clients include law firms, government entities, developers, investors, and lenders. Examples of our experience include the following:

  • damages calculations resulting from breaches of contract and fiduciary responsibility, contamination and environmental impairment, construction defects, and lender liability
  • valuation of a wide variety of property types and real property interests, including interests in real estate partnerships and other partial and fractional interests, debt and equity interests in real estate, multi-asset portfolios, shopping centers and regional malls, golf courses and resort and other hotels, assisted living and other health care properties, sports and entertainment facilities, conservation and façade easements, cemeteries, rail and pipeline transportation corridors, heavy industrial facilities, landfills, storage and distribution facilities, leaseholds, and life, remainderman and leased fee estates
  • property tax, transfer tax and other tax-related issues
  • arbitrations and mediations
  • eminent domain proceedings involving larger properties and complex issues
  • best practices assessments
  • class action suits
  • professional malpractice cases
  • in addition to the aforementioned services, other capabilities include:
  • GIS mapping and preparation of trial and other exhibits
  • event studies and time series analyses
  • aAcademic research
  • forensic investigations

How We Can Help

Dispute analysis

Dispute analysis occurs at the earliest stages of every engagement to identify the relevant technical issues and to provide a thorough understanding of the real estate and financial components of the case. Our experts vet case issues, providing context and understanding to property and financial issues. We also assist counsel in decisions regarding whether to pursue litigation, alternative dispute resolution options, or other courses of action.

Litigation consulting

We assist lawyers in identifying key issues, developing case strategies and identifying potential experts and expert teams.

Expert testimony

We provide clients with expert testimony relating to a property’s economics and damages issues.

Trial support

We assist in framing trial issues, the preparation of rebuttal reports and post-trial memoranda, and in the preparation of cross examination.

Adding Value – The Advantages Of Our Approach

Focused approach

Dispute analysis occurs at the earliest stages of every engagement. This allows our professionals to identify the relevant technical issues and to provide a thorough understanding of the real estate and financial components of the case, ensuring that the client obtains optimal guidance.

Experience and Resources

If the dispute involves a significant real estate component or related issues, the Dispute Analysis & Litigation Support Practice is uniquely suited to assist in such matters. No other litigation support practice possesses our experience or depth of resources. At its core, Cushman & Wakefield is a real estate company. Few other firms are able to offer the combination of specialized expertise in litigation support and the training and experience of team members with the vast resources of a national and global real estate company. The Dispute Analysis & Litigation Support Practice and Cushman & Wakefield are able to maximize the benefits to our clients with a powerful combination of resources and intellectual capital.