Industrial Property & Real Estate

Cushman & Wakefield provides corporations, developers, and institutional owners with custom-tailored industrial real estate solutions that exceed business objectives. Our focus is to help clients improve shareholder value and maximize cost savings. Industrial Leasing services include acquisition and disposition, lease and sale strategies, incentives negotiations, and build-to-suit analysis and planning. Clients are also provided with comprehensive supply chain solutions that integrate real estate, supply chain management, and strategic business advice.

Occupiers, investors, and developers of industrial property require innovative and well-researched advice. You may require any of the following:

Occupier services

By fully exploring the cost, location, and efficiency factors underlying occupancy decisions with respect to lease vs. own, new vs. existing properties, and build-to-suit vs. speculative development, we can help you decide the ideal structure for your occupancy.

Developer services

We assist owners and developers in both managing and leasing industrial space. In this extremely competitive environment, we can ensure that your property is well maintained and ideally positioned against the competition, as well as reduce the time required to lease a property. The ultimate result is positive financial performance for an individual asset or an entire portfolio.

Logistics network modeling

C&W evaluates a multitude of complex variables within different supply chains. By optimizing supply chain components, such as product sourcing, inventory, and facility costs, we can assist in designing a supply chain infrastructure at the lowest possible cost.

Location strategy and site selection

Our location selection process identifies the best location as part of a broader network strategy. Our objective is to find a location that has the highest likelihood of optimizing our clients’ competitive advantage.

Advisory services

C&W and our strategic partners can provide a full suite of advisory services, including workforce profiling, facility design, inventory optimization, and transportation sourcing, covering both the location and internal features of your industrial space.

How We Can Help

An integrated approach

C&W understands that most industrial real estate decisions are driven by myriad factors outside the world of traditional “real estate.” Our integrated approach to service delivery allows us to develop tailored solutions and identify optimum scenarios that address your overall needs.

Adding Value – The Advantages Of Our Approach

Our approach is unique in the industry. We leverage the full scope of C&W’s services across wide geographies to meet our clients’ comprehensive industrial requirements. By leveraging our integrated global services platform on every assignment, our clients benefit from the personal attention of a local expert, in addition to the vast knowledge and resources of a global platform.

Experience and Resources

C&W has a dedicated Industrial Leadership Team whose primary purpose is to provide resources, tools, and information that are specific to current industrial trends and requirements. By providing centralized oversight, our 650 industrial brokers across the Americas leverage the skills and knowledge of the entire platform.