Portfolio Valuation

Cushman & Wakefield is uniquely qualified to handle the valuation of large complex multi-property assignments of all types on a national and international basis. We have a number of different valuation products ranging from individual self-contained reports, to portfolio appraisals via an Automated Valuation Model (AVM). We customize our deliverables to each client’s specific needs.

We offer a single point of contact, a dedicated portfolio team, in-depth industry expertise for all property types through our Practice Groups, customized data assemblage and distribution, project specific template and workbook design, and web-based, electronic report content posting. C&W has a large database that tracks recent transactions, allowing us to understand each market we work in.

We work with investors to value their portfolios on a national and international basis. An investor may be considering one or more of the following:

Buy or sell

Our experts will help determine what you should pay to purchase or sell the property.

Report values

Our team can help to establish values for investors or for internal reporting purposes.

Mortgage financing

A lender or investor may need to determine how much can be borrowed on the property.


We will assist in determining the next actions for the property, providing insight on the best use of the property.

How We Can Help

We offer a single point of contact and a dedicated portfolio team who work directly with you to gain an understanding of your specific requirements. These resources enable us to provide the background information and detailed analysis to help you understand the basis of our conclusions.

Adding Value – The Advantages Of Our Approach


Our portfolio valuation coordinator constructs a report template that will be used to ensure report consistency across the portfolio. We provide a comprehensive data tape that summarizes property details and our valuation assumptions and conclusions.


We offer proprietary space on our web-based client portal (“CW-One”) where property data and appraisal deliverables can be shared in a secure, collaborative, and client-directed environment.

Experience and Resources

The Portfolio Services group has a proven track record, successfully performing portfolio appraisals on properties of all types on a global basis. We have the geographic coverage necessary to carry out large portfolio assignments in a high-quality and timely manner.

Recent Case Studies

Portfolio Valuation Completed in Record Time