We provide commercially focused sustainability advice that informs the real estate strategy.

Our advice reduces cost, maximises value and supports delivery of your sustainability agenda.

We work with occupiers, investors and developers across all real estate sectors. You may be considering:

Developing a sustainability strategy

Whether an investor or an occupier, integrating sustainability into your real estate requires a strategic approach.

Optimising the commercial opportunity

We help you identify the initiatives and solutions that offer the best sustainability value at maximum financial return.

How We Can Help

Property and portfolio strategy

We clarify the benefits of a sustainability perspective in real estate decisions, align efforts with a client’s corporate sustainability and CSR goals, and help choose options that optimize marketability and asset and portfolio value. Strategies include:

Baseline Assessments and Tracking across a spectrum of sustainability metrics, including energy, water, solid waste, and greenhouse gas emissions to measure progress towards client sustainability and financial goals, and to meet mandatory reporting requirements.

Operations and Maintenance Solutions to reduce a client’s environmental footprint and lower costs. We also identify resources and incentives to support the pursuit of these strategies, optimizing investment returns.

Energy Management for both demand and supply side issues tailored to each client’s needs. These programs have reduced clients’ energy costs 5 to 10% on average and include energy consumption analysis, on-site product and behavior upgrades and participation in energy procurement and curtailment programs.

Building Certification including Energy Star labels, LEED and BREEAM In-Use. We have helped hundreds of buildings achieve the EPA Energy Star label since 2009 and have achieved tens of millions of square feet of property LEED certification. C&W was the first real estate services firm to certify properties under the LEED Volume Certification Program in the United States and we are the only firm in Europe that has enrolled all of our managed properties with the BREEAM In-Use system.

Product and Service Procurement advice on leading technologies, services, and products to facilitate environmentally and fiscally sound selections, including renewable energy opportunities. Leveraged procurement strategies deliver both best pricing and quality of service to our clients.

Tenant and Employee Engagement Guidance to enhance cooperation between tenants and landlords and inspire action by all stakeholders.

Project management

We create sustainable building standards in the design and construction of new buildings and in tenant fit-out projects, including LEED certification. Through an integrated project delivery approach, C&W helps minimize costs during design and construction, and throughout the life of the project space.

Transaction services

C&W’s guidance on site selection helps clients meet sustainability standards and goals. We work with clients to incorporate green lease provisions that allow tenants and landlords to equitably advance energy efficiency and other sustainability goals.

Adding Value – The Advantages Of The C&W Integrated Approach

Well-managed sustainability strategies not only reduce pressure on our resources, they also yield operational cost savings, healthier and more productive work environments, and more valuable assets.

For our clients and our own operations, C&W creates action plans and a program of continuous improvement to deliver sustainability strategies that make a positive impact on the environment, local communities, and the long term value of our clients’ assets. Supported by a dedicated Sustainability Strategies Team, professionals throughout C&W understand the importance of integrating sustainability best practices into all real estate services, engaging our clients and on-site staff in the pursuit of industry-leading sustainability advantages.

Experience and Resources

C&W leads by example through a commitment to reduce the environmental footprint of the buildings we occupy and manage, engaging our employees and clients in these efforts, and through thought leadership.

Leading by Example. As the only commercial real estate services firm to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the US EPA, we committed to publicly disclose our progress towards our 2012 emissions reduction goal. As a Champion Sponsor of the BOMA 7 Point Challenge we have committed to reduce energy consumption levels of our managed portfolio to 30% below the national average.

Employees, Education, and Engagement. We support focused education and training that keep our workforce at the cutting edge of sustainability. Numerous knowledge and best-practice sharing networks include our Energy & Sustainability Task Force and specialty practice groups. Innovative programs such as our award-winning C&W Environmental Challenge, encourage greater achievement. Our C&W Green Office, Earth Day, and Earth Hour activities inspire creative thinking, individual expression and collective action.

Thought Leadership. Serious engagement, partnering with technical experts, and taking part in industry dialogue to develop and mold legislation beneficial to the building industry are among our thought leadership priorities. C&W also provides client-focused education including seminars, Market Briefings, and industry publications.


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