• 5.000 millones de dólares de nuevo capital se dirigen hacia el inmobiliario comercial español en 2017

    Cushman & Wakefield apunta que, a nivel global, un total de 435 mil millones de dólares se dirigirán a operaciones inmobiliarias comerciales
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  • Cushman & Wakefield Reports Record Revenue and Profitability for 2014

    Cushman & Wakefield today reported gross revenue increased 14.0% to a record $2,849.0 million for the year ended December 31, 2014, compared with $2,498.6 million for the prior year. Adjusted net income increased 33.3% to a record $61.6 million, compared with the prior year of $46.2 million.

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  • Avaya Offices in South America managed by C&W

    A global customer of Cushman & Wakefield, Avaya is now supported by our expertise in Management of Facilities for its offices in South America.
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  • Cushman & Wakefield Acquires Property Tax Resources

    As part of its commitment to provide a national tax advisory practice, Cushman & Wakefield today announced the acquisition of substantially all the assets of Property Tax Resources, a leading advisory service based in Carlsbad, California.

    The purchase builds on Cushman & Wakefield’s existing property tax services and adds a best-in-class proprietary tax management platform while extending C&W’s services along vertically-aligned asset class expertise.

    “Today, most tax practitioners rely on their knowledge of "process" and lack actual asset class knowledge,” said John Busi, Executive Vice President/Global Head Valuation & Advisory. “It was a unique opportunity to find a firm like PTR that had perfected "process" and shared our depth of understanding of real estate.”

    PTR was founded in 2001 by James Chapman, who had also served as National Tax Partner at Deloitte & Touche during the 1990s, where he created and directed the largest property tax consulting practice in the U.S. Under Chapman's leadership, PTR provided a wide range of valuation and property tax consulting services and web-based software solutions for property tax management and administration to a cross-section of global, national and local real estate owners. PTR's experience extends across all types of property, including retail, office, residential apartments, hotels, undeveloped land, and special-use properties.

    “Cushman & Wakefield is offering us an opportunity to take our platform to the next level, with its Fortune 500 client roster, its multiple service lines and its global stage," said Chapman. “Our goal was always to be the best firm serving our core constituency, now we have access to an exponentially wider audience."

    Cushman & Wakefield has been aggressively building out the core service lines of the firm and bringing top industry talent into the organization. "We are the firm of choice for the most complex and sophisticated valuation assignments across the world," said Busi. "It's essential for our clients to have access to the full complement of services that our professionals can offer. And now we can add a more robust Tax Advisory platform to the mix."
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  • John Busi Nombrado Director Global de Evaluacion Cushman and Wakefield and Advisory

    En el día de hoy, Cushman & Wakefield ha anunciado que John D. Busi ha sido ascendido a director internacional de Valoración y Asesoramiento (V&A) de la empresa. 

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  • Global Mercados Minoristas Fuerte Repunte

    A pesar de la frágil recuperación económica y la confianza del consumidor moderado en muchos países, los mercados al por menor han rebotado con fuerza durante el úl

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  • Cushman & Wakefield informes de ingresos y fuerte crecimiento de EBITDA para 2010

    Cushman & Wakefield, la empresa global líder en servicios inmobiliarios comerciales, ha presentado los resultados de todo el año para el período terminado el 31 de

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  • Carlo Sant'Albano para ser nombrado Presidente Cushman & Wakefield

    Cushman & Wakefield Inc. ha anunciado hoy que Carlo Sant'Albano será nombrado Presidente de la Junta. El nombramiento se hará efectivo tras la próxima reunión de ju

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  • Global Markets Aavanzar Hacia la Recuperación Sostenible

    EE.UU.: la economía de EE.UU. parece dispuesta a una aceleración importante en el crecimiento del empleo.

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